Studio, Sunset or In-Home. Which type of photography session will suit you?

As the weather warms up it’s the perfect time to bring the family together for a fun & fresh photography session with me that will last forever.

I offer 3 different types of photography sessions. Studio Photography, Sunset Photography & In-Home Photography.

Often clients are confused as to which session they should book. I always ask my clients if they have seen my work before (check out my website, Facebook page or Instagram page, updated constantly)so they have an idea of what appeals to them and to take into consideration the following things:

  1. How many people are being photographed. If there are 6 or more adults, I recommend a sunset shoot or an In-home session (if you have the space) as space is limited in my studio to 6 or less adults. I often have clients that book a beautiful sunset shoot for their family and extended family too. This includes but is not limited to grandparents, aunties and uncles. The end result is a fun and interactive session and beautiful memories that are created to last several lifetimes.


  1. The ages of the children and how active they are. Babies and children under the age of one are suitable candidates for a studio session. I generally don’t recommend taking babies to the park in the heat or cold weather. If they are older than one year old, they are getting really active (which also means their attention span is limited) and I can capture some really fun studio photos that are clean, simple and fun and above all expressive! I am always looking for expression when I photograph kids. Sometimes even when a kid is crying, it can still look so cute so don’t worry if your kids play up a little during their session.Depending on your child, the st
    udio may appear to be a very confined and restrictive space but generally you will never know how your child will be until you bring them in and often you will be surprised at how little time I need to get some great, expressive photos!


  1. The time of day. If you know your kids are great in the morning, then you should consider booking a morning/day shoot to get them at their best. The other thing I like to consider is lighting. In the studio I always control the lighting but if you are after an outdoor shoot, I always recommend a shoot at sunset, as this is the best time of day to capture beautiful images. I can play with the sun to get some really cool shots. Just after the sun sets, the type of even lighting that becomes available to work with is just beautiful. It’s actually magical! You will really see an amazing rendition of colour.


  1. What time suits you? Studio sessions are generally held during the week. There are two time slots in the morning and two in the afternoon. I can help decide which best suits and look at availability.

For sunset shoots, I shoot one per afternoon and can look up sunset times prior to your session. As a guide, in Autumn/Winter they start at approximately 4pm and in Spring/Summer they start at about 6pm. Sunset shoots are also heavily dependent on the weather. If it’s raining we can d
efinately look at rescheduling your sunset shoot otherwise there is the option of the studio shoot if there aren’t more than 6 adults.

In home sessions are subject to availability. Saturdays / Sundays are also available. I am always happy to work out a time that best suits your needs and available times. In home sessions are great for families that are time poor, want the comfort and flexibility of the shoot in their home or if the elderly or sick are being photographed. I will also talk to you about the space you have in your home both inside and outside and available lighting prior to your session for best results.

All my photography sessions are approximately one hour in length. So what are you waiting for? Book in your shoot now. Get in touch with me to look at availability and discuss your requirements. I look forward to creating some Fun, Fresh and Forever photographs.

Murielle Sassine, xo