Unapologetically You: A Women’s Portrait Experience, where confidence and authenticity take centre stage.

Have you ever wanted to be on to be on the women in a magazine? If you’ve ever wanted a gorgeous image of yourself that not only captures your beauty but your essence too, let Murielle Sassine photograph you and show you just how stunning you really are.

Women's photoshoot Sydney

Awaken Your Authentic SELF

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being unapologetically you.”

In a world where women are often expected to conform to societal norms, it’s time to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and embrace  all of who you are. Our Women’s Portrait Photoshoot Sydney Experience will showcase your inner strength and true beauty.

Imagine a Women’s photoshoot that’s not just about capturing your photo, but about awakening the TRUE YOU. A safe space where you can relax and allow your authentic self to shine. 

Murielle Sassine will guide you through a transformative experience that will leave you feeling seen, heard and celebrated.

Get ready to EMBRACE your true potential! In our Sydney studio, we’ll create a customised photoshoot experience that honors YOU and leaves you with the most stunning portraits you will ever own.

Are you ready to UNPOLOGETICALLY take up space and celebrate your fabulousness? Let’s create a photoshoot Sydney experience that will leave you feeling EMPOWERED, confident, and unstoppably YOU. 

Book your Women’s Photoshoot Sydney Experience and get ready for the true you to SHINE through.

Celebrate YOU | Photoshoot Sydney

Real Women. Unreal Transformations

Women's photoshoot Sydney

Why Book a Photoshoot Sydney?

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful & a Photoshoot Sydney Experience is a Must.

t’s time to prioritise YOU with a photoshoot Sydney experience that is about CELEBRATING  your story and how far you have come.

It’s about making time for YOU, when so much has been given to others.

Imagine stepping in front of the camera and feeling SEEN, HEARD … CELEBRATED. Imagine the rush of confidence that comes with embracing your true unapologetic self.

A photoshoot Sydney experience is not just portrait shoot … it’s about EMBRACING YOUR FEMININITY, YOUR POWER and CLAIMING YOUR SPACE.

This is your opportunity to be perfectly and unapologetically YOU. It’s a chance to break free from other’s expectations, liberate the Women within and reconnect with your authentic self.

This is your time to shine and Murielle Sassine, Sydney’s MOST LOVED Women’s Photographer would be honoured to be part of your story with a Women’s Photoshoot Sydney.

Women's photoshoot Sydney


A Portrait Is Not Made In The Camera

But On Either Side Of It

Meet Murielle. She’s fun, fresh and forever looking through her lens in the quest to capture something beautiful.

With over 20 years experience behind the camera, Murielle knows that the secret to a great photo is what’s ‘inside’. And that’s where you come in.

Murielle creates fashion magazine style glamorous portraits of real women – any age, any size, any shape – just like you.

Working with her talented team of hair and makeup stylists, she’ll make you look and feel as amazing as your photographs will turn out.

She’s got the touch, the gift. Oh, and she’s sassy too.

Must be why her name is Murielle Sassine.

photoshoot sydney
women's photoshoot

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