Family Photography Sydney

Murielle Sassine Family Photography Sydney Experience

A Murielle Sassine Photography Experience is as unique as YOU.

Every family is different, which means no two family photography Sydney sessions with Murielle will ever be the same! Her aim is to create an experience that is completely relaxed with the freedom to express your unique story and individuality.

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Sunset Photography

The Sunset Photography Experience captures a magical moment in time with beautiful, natural sunset lighting and preserves that moment for eternity. Sunset Sessions are suitable for active children and perfect for large families. Don’t let the opportunity pass to capture the spirit of your family through the eye of one of Australia’s most sought after and leading Portrait Photographers.


A Studio Photography Portrait Experience with Murielle is fun and breezy! Beautiful and simple photographs are captured utilising exquisite lighting and attention to detail.  Our boutique studio provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for children and small families.


A In-Home Photography Experience is perfect for those families who are time poor or would love special memories created in the family home. Children are especially more relaxed in their own environment. Your family home will set the scene, create the perfect backdrop and allow your family to be documented through the eyes of one of Australia’s most sought after Family Photographers.

Family Photography Sydney

Timeless Moments as Your Family Grows

In the ever-changing tapestry of life, family is the constant thread that weaves together love, memories and shared experiences. Imagine being able to freeze those precious moments in time—moments filled with laughter, joy and connection. 

That’s the magic of heartfelt Family Photography Sydney.

As your family grows and evolves, each stage brings its own unique charm. The innocence of a child’s first steps, the bond between siblings playing together on a sunny afternoon or the tender glances exchanged by parents who have weathered life’s storms side by side—all these fleeting instances can be suspended in time through beautiful family portraits.

Family Photography Sydney with Vivid Photography isn’t just about taking photos … it’s about telling your unique family’s story. It’s capturing those candid smiles that speak volumes without words and those subtle gestures that convey unspoken love. 

These photographs become cherished heirlooms passed down through generations—a visual narrative of where you came from and how you’ve grown together.

A skilled photographer knows how to bring out genuine emotions while making everyone feel at ease in front of the camera. Whether it’s an outdoor family photography shoot amidst nature’s splendour or a cosy indoor session reflecting your home’s warmth—the setting becomes part of your story too.

Every frame captures more than just faces, it encapsulates personalities and relationships frozen in time yet alive with emotion whenever revisited years later. Each photograph serves as a reminder not only for today, but also acts like bookmarks marking different chapters within this grand book called “life”.

Investing in professional family photography Sydney means investing not merely into photos hung on walls—but treasuring pieces full hearts could cling onto during rainy days ahead!

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