Happiest Smiles: Capturing Joy in Every Frame

In the world of photography, there’s something truly magical about capturing the happiest smiles. At Vivid Photography & Imaging, Murielle Sassine believes in the power of genuine, joyous expressions that showcase the beauty of true happiness. In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of inspiring our clients to “smile real,” offering tips on staying relaxed, getting delightful giggles from the little ones, and embracing the unplanned moments that often result in the most heartwarming photographs.

Show Your Teeth and Smile Real
Show Your Teeth and Smile Real

The happiest smiles are those that reach the eyes and light up the entire face. We encourage our clients to embrace genuine expressions by showing their teeth and “smiling real.” Capturing authenticity is at the core of what we do at Vivid Photography & Imaging, and we believe that genuine smiles tell a story that lasts a lifetime.

Sunset Family Shoot
Sunset Family Photoraphy

Tips for Relaxed Portraits:

Staying relaxed during a photoshoot is key to achieving those authentic smiles. At our photography sessions, we share few pointers with our clients to ensure a stress-free session:

1. **Deep Breaths:** Remember to take deep breaths to ease any tension and promote a sense of calm.
2. **Engage with Each Other:** Murielle encourages families to interact naturally, engaging in conversations and sharing jokes to bring out those spontaneous smiles.
3. **Playful Giggles with Kids:** Kids are often the heart of family portraits. We show you how to evoke genuine giggles from the little ones, whether it’s through silly faces, tickles, or playing their favourite games.

Studio Family Photography Session
Studio Family Session

Practicing Smiles Before the Session:

To help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera during Sunset or Studio Photography sessions, you can take part in some fun and lighthearted exercises to practice smiling. Activities like telling jokes, recalling happy memories, or simply spending time together as a family before the shoot. These pre-session practices can set the tone for a joyful photoshoot.

New Born, Maternity, Studio Family Shoot
Embrace the Unplanned Moments

While well-planned poses have their place in Photography, some of the best photographs arise from spontaneous moments of silliness and sappiness. Remind yourself that perfection isn’t the goal; capturing authentic emotions is. We encourage you to let go of the need for everything to be perfectly orchestrated and embrace the beauty of candid, unplanned moments.

At Vivid Photography & Imaging, we celebrate the joy found in the happiest smiles. By inspiring our clients to embrace authenticity, stay relaxed, and appreciate the beauty of unplanned moments, Murielle Sassine creates a space where genuine expressions can shine. Remember, a photograph is not just an image; it’s a timeless story captured in the heartwarming smiles of those we love. Consider gifting a Sunset or Studio Photography session as a memorable Mother’s Day gift from now, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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