Studio Fun with ‘Faith’. Kids with Spirit.

I sometimes call them crazy kids ( I say that lovingly) but they are not crazy kids! They are kids with ‘spirit’. They are fun. They jump around. They don’t always listen to me (or their parents) but they turn out fabulous in photos. One of my absolute favourite kids that I photographed recently was a girl named Faith. You may have seen a BTS (Behind The Scenes) video that I posted on my Facebook page and Instagram a few weeks ago.

The moment she came into the studio, she had the biggest smile on her face and she ran up to me and gave me a big warm fuzzy hug (like she had met me or seen me before). She was a ball of energy. Her laughter and silliness was contagious. I think she could even pass as my child hehehehe… Its the curly hair right?

The shoot was about 30mins in my studio. I think I could of worked with her for 4 hours and not gotten sick of taking her pictures. She took my directions really well and had so much enthusiasm. Her mother, Evelin (so gorgeous) changed her outfit twice. Im not really into changing outfits like a thousand times during a session. What captivates me as a photographer is how responsive the kids are to me and how expressive they are. As long as they are dressed in simple clothes the photographs will look effective (As in clothes that do not distract from their natural features).

Take a look at these photos and see what i mean by “expressive”. I can’t wait to work with Faith again and I hope that Evelin brings her in again.

Murielle xo