Outdoor Family Photos: My Favourite Outdoor Photo Shoots

One of the most exciting outdoor family photos which I thoroughly enjoy is the sunset sessions.

Outdoor family photos

What I love about doing sunset and outdoor family photos is that kids are generally running around, freely, and we get to see them in the purest element of play. I get to capture movement and alongside that, I also love the sunset colours. I love that colour projects in a really amazing way and I can use the sun to my advantage to get some really interesting shots.

outdoor family sunset photos

One thing, however, about outdoor photo shoots is that the weather is always unpredictable. And that’s half the fun of it.

Outdoor Family Photos

A recent sunset photo shoot that I did, was with the Tablet family. This session was rescheduled a few times due to thunderstorms and unforeseen weather conditions. On a number of occasions, it would rain right before the photo shoot after I packed the camera and was already in my car on the way to the session.

outdoor family photos

Thankfully, for the Tablet family, on the final day of the photo shoot when it rained, we waited a little while and the clouds passed. When the rain stopped we managed to get the shoot done fairly quickly.

Although it was challenging as there were two young kids in a family of six, with one child that was about three years old, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For people who are preparing for their sunset photo shoots and outdoor family photos, I would highly suggest to always be mindful that plans can change due to weather conditions, and suddenly too. Heels are also not a very good idea as they dig into the ground. I would recommend flat shoes or wedges if you are wanting some height.

In terms of clothing and what to wear, neutral colours usually work best and it’s good to avoid patterns and stripes or very loud colours.

family photos outdoors

It’s also a good idea to set aside a bit of time for the photo shoot so we can take and create the perfect shot so that you can keep and treasure the moment forever.

Most importantly, when it comes to your outdoor family photos, have fun, show that beautiful smile and embrace the moment!

For information about Sunset times in your area for the perfect outdoor family photos, check out Time & Date.